Your products are safe with us. Our insurance against fire, theft and natural disasters compensates for the damage.

Looking to grow your Amazon business in Germany? We can definitely help!

We can take over from you the burden of the logistics thus freeing your time and resources. You can then invest them into growing further your business.

Number of customers served
Boxes handled year to date
We sustain your growth

Amazon expertise! We are the experts when it comes to sending your goods to Amazon warehouse!

Best Support

We provide support for any problem related to product preparation.

We'll make you the best deal on the market.

We will find solutions that meet Amazon's requirements.

Together we will find the best way to work together.

We offer data support such as pictures and others to unlock in categories.

Cost effective

We find solutions to save up to 50% money and time.

We unpack the received pallets and send them in cardboard boxes to save transport costs and processing time in Amazon warehouses.

Your products arrive in Amazon warehouses in next to no time, the preparation time of the products is only 24 hours.

We will make you the cheapest price offer.


We provide access information about the rights products, images and any kind of product information. We request a visual inspection of the products. If necessary, we offer another report on given products, belongs to pictures. If necessary, we will try to repair / restore damaged packaging or products.


Please contact us for a personalized offer.